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  • What is the process?
    The first step is to call for a free 15-20 minute consultation. During this consultation, we discuss if we are a good fit and whether I can help you. After the consultation, If you want to proceed, you can go ahead and book a single session or multiple sessions. There is a discount for booking multiple sessions. Once a session is booked, we will agree convenient dates for a discovery call and the main session. I will send you an intake form which you need to complete at least 2 days before the discovery call. Depending on the issue, I may also send you a questionnaire which will also need to be completed by then. During the discovery call, we will go over the intake form and any questionnaire in detail to make sure that we have a clear idea of the outcome you desire. On the day of the session, we will have a brief catchup to see if there's anything else that needs to be considered and then we will proceed with the session After the session, I will send you a recording of transformation part of the session. This recording is personalised and specific to the issue we are addressing You must listen to this recording every day, at least once a day for 21 days. This is an absolute must because the session installs the transformation and the recording wires it into you permanently After 21 days (or occasionally sooner) I will contact you to see how you are If required, you can call, text or email me during the 21 days if there are any concerns or if there is anything you want to discuss If you have paid for a multi-session package, we can set dates for the next session after the first session
  • Do I need to prepare anything beforehand?
    We will run through a consultation form before the session. Please consider the issues that are important to you and be prepared to commit to positive change. You will need to sign and accept the conditions, so please have a look before. All clients must provide an emergency contact, either your medical professional or a close relative/friend. You will also need to confirm that you are/will be in a place that is safe, comfortable, supported and clear from any nearby objects that maybe harmful.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Many problems can be dealt with in a single session. However, some issues may require up to three sessions. To help you bring about the changes you are looking for, I will offer ongoing support, including a personalised recording designed to reinforce and embed the insights gained during your session.
  • What happens in a session?
    Everyones RTT experience is different. Most people say that during the session they start off feeling relaxed and at ease. As this relaxation progresses, you may feel lighter, as if they are on the verge of dozing off. Feeling safe and comfortable in the environment and having trust in the therapist is key to being able to uncover and transform the negative limiting beliefs into liberating and empowering beliefs.
  • How long does it take?
    A typical session lasts between 2 to 2½ hours. However, I recommend that you schedule at least 3 hours just to make sure that you don't arrive at the session flustered by having to rush around.
  • Do I give up control in hypnosis?
    Not at all. Hypnosis is not a zombie state or even the sort of sleep we sleep at night. You are in control at all times. If you need to during a session, you can talk, grab a tissue and adjust yourself to feel more comfortable. I’ve even had people go to the bathroom mid-session! Of course going to the bathroom is not ideal but if we really need to, we can pause the session and start again from where we left off. Also, in the case of online sessions, if, for some reason, the internet connection drops, we can reconnect and re-start the session. Even if you're really relaxed and drift into sleep, you'll eventually notice that you're not hearing my voice and realise that the connection has dropped. When you open your eyes, you will naturally come to full awareness.
  • Can I get "stuck" in hypnosis?"
    Again, the answer is no. Hypnosis simply takes you to a state of relaxed awareness during which suggestibility is heightened. If there is an emergency or anything that needs your attention, you will come back to full awareness immediately. You are ALWAYS in control and you can come back to full awareness whenever you want.
  • What if unpleasant memories emerge?
    During hypnosis we only REVIEW what happened in your life – you cannot re-live a past experience. So everything that you may experience during a session is only a memory - it’s very much like watching a movie. Therefore, regardless of how traumatic a past experience was, you cannot relive it, it’s only the memory that we are accessing. Because you are now in a different place and time now, that previous experience is not your physical reality now. Plus, I will always be there to support you and reassure you during the session.
  • What makes RTT so special?
    Simply put, RTT is turbo-charged hypnotherapy. Marisa Peer’s intention when she created RTT was to reduce therapy for a single issue to as few sessions as possible in comparison to some other therapies which can take years of weekly visits. Over the 30+ years that she has developed it, RTT has been tremendously successful in facilitating rapid change in thousands of clients. There are numerous stories of Marisa and her students transforming people’s perceptions, fears and phobias on the spot, in minutes. That’s how fast this therapy can work!
  • What if I think I know the reasons behind my issue.
    It is very common for clients to think they know what the cause of their issue is. However, more often than not, the real cause if the issue is far different that what the client suspects. For example, consider someone who wants to shed some weight. They’ve tried every diet under the sun but nothing works. They are frustrated and think they don’t have the discipline to stick with a good diet so they come to therapy to develop better discipline. However, during the session, we find out that as a young girl, she was abused, and at that young age, her mind made the decision that the best way to protect her from abuse is to make her heavy so that she looks unattractive to potential abusers. The mind installed this program at that young age and it is still running in her mind. Until she gets to understand that this old program is no longer relevant, the mind will sabotage all attempts at losing weight. So, the real issue is not lack of discipline but the old program making her body keep the excess weight. When she understands that this old belief is outdated and no longer relevant, and it is replaced with a more empowering program, her weight effortlessly drops off. Clients are often surprised at the difference between what they THINK the problem is and what the problem ACTUALLY turns out to be.
  • When will I see changes?
    Every client will see change in different ways, and at different rates. Generally speaking, three different types of change are recognised: Immediate: You feel a massive shift right away – immediate changes in your physiology, thoughts and behaviors during and immediately after the session. Cumulative: You see consistent shifts every day, or overtime. Retrospective: You do not see the shifts right away, then one day you look back and see all of the things that are different in your life. You may experience one of the above or a mix of all. The mind learns by repetition, and some of us just need more repetition than others. This is why listening to the recording is crucial in supporting change. Everyone wants the instant magic, but whatever happens, you have to remember that all kinds of clearing is happening at a deep level. Some clients think nothing has happened until, until one day, months down the line, they suddenly realise how they, and their life has changed.
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