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I am a Rapid Transformation Therapy Therapist and a Certified Hypnotherapist trained by the Marisa Peer School. I have also undergone Hypnosis training with Richard Bandler (the co-founder of NLP) and Paul McKenna. I am also a practitioner of Pure BioEnergy Healing trained by Zoran Hochstatter.

As well as the above, I have attended numerous self-development seminars, and eagerly studied the work of hundreds of healers and transformational coaches.

I have been a student of the mind and alternative therapies for over 35 years, and I believe, without reservation, in the power of the mind to completely transform a person’s life.

The mind can be tuned to create the most amazing life for a person, a life filled with love, peace, prosperity, and health. Or, it can become unbalanced to such a degree that it makes a person’s life a living hell.


It is my aim, my passion and my life’s work now, to help my clients to resolve their issues as fast, and as easily as possible so that they can live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

Some Kind Words

Client Testimonials


I had reached a point in almost having a panic attack at my workplace brought on by the stress and pressure of being a manager. I was even plotting ways  in which I could hurt myself to allow me time off from work. 

Jagir was recommended to me by another therapist,  

talking with him was like talking to an old friend. I felt relaxed, comfortable and secure throughout the process. 

I’m delighted to say that after 1 conversational hypnotherapy session, I feel my anxiety has melted away. 

For the first time in 10 years I have had a family holiday where I could be present with my children and not constantly worried about my work. 
My life feels so much easier and lighter without the constant fear, worry and overthinking. 

Thank you Jagir.


Wow, Jagir is one of the best therapists I could ever work with because of his empathic attitude, outstanding and positive human being. I felt right away a connection of trust from the first moment I interacted with him over Skype.

We worked on Stockholm syndrome and the results were extraordinary in just a session. The psychological connection developed over the years with the abusive, narcissistic partner just vanished. I could never imagine that the feelings that took power over my ration would be gone ever from my subconscious, but yet again the results are speaking out loud.

I cannot thank him enough for the amazing job he did and the empathic support he provided me throughout the whole session. I felt safe, secure and understood the whole time. My gratitude for life,


When I started working with Jagir, I was suffering from extreme insomnia, anxiety, and depression and was in a dire place.  My mind was riddled with negative thoughts, especially of past regrets and mistakes, and I felt heavy and despondent.  I was so crippled with anxiety that I could not think straight, make decisions, or function.  My life had halted to a stop. 


After three sessions with Jagir, I am sleeping better; I feel much lighter; I can smile and laugh again; the tears have stopped; and I feel happier and more hopeful.  I have started enjoying life again.  The intrusive thoughts around regrets and mistakes have stopped and my mind feels calmer and more peaceful.  


Jagir is a wonderful, kind-hearted, dependable, extremely compassionate, and highly insightful and knowledgeable RTT therapist who truly and genuinely cares about his clients' healing.  He guides and encourages his clients with tremendous wisdom and a powerful intuition.  Jagir is amazingly supportive and patient and addresses his clients' challenges with a gentle, empathetic, and sensitive touch, creating a safe, trusted, and secure space for his clients.  It is extremely easy to open up to Jagir and talking with him brings a great deal of ease and comfort.  


Jagir is a talented writer and he creates highly personalized and meaningful transformational audios for his clients that truly resonate and are effective.  He goes above and beyond for his clients, providing additional counsel, tools, and resources to support growth and healing for his clients beyond the RTT session.  I am so grateful to Jagir for the calm and joy he has brought into my life and I highly recommend him as an RTT therapist!  Much gratitude, SS


Hi Jagir. I feel I had to share this recent experience with you! While doing our session I had put a limit of £20,000 per month as my income goals which at the time I thought were very high.  Well, It just happened, and I feel it's just the beginning of this financial journey.  Thanks so much again for the session!


"Before working with Jagir, I had struggled with being completely myself in relationships and felt a bit insecure. I was a codependent with a strong need to people please especially with men and in partnership. Jagir made me feel so safe throughout the whole process and his voice is extremely soothing. He helped me work out where those struggles stemmed from and after listening to the amazing and personalized recording he made for me, I feel so confident and authentic in who I am and showcasing that in relationships. I've even attracted more quality men than I had before. I highly recommend Jagir for any of your self-esteem and/or relationship issues! Thank you so much Jagir!"

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